Bag of Cats vs Box of Rocks

by Failed Astronauts

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Nights like these I always forget everything
What was your name again?
Hello nice to meet you, I'm the astronaut named Ben.
Sorry I introduced myself again,
It's just nights like these I always tend to forget.
What am I doing? Who was that? Who drove me here? Why?
A few more drinks, just a few more drinks.
I think I'll feel better then.

The party's died down.
It's the same people again.
Well hey it's nice to see you friend!
What have you been doing?
And how have you been?
Then I noticed her,
from the side of the room.
This story doesn't end quite like you think
This story doesn't end quite like you think

She gracefully passes across the room
laying her hand on shoulders, she says hello
lovely yellow dress and a matching phone
not a beer in her hand, not wine, but whiskey
Jameson on the rocks is this girls drink
This girl, she could be perfect for me
but they all say NO!
She's bag of cats crazy!

But then again…
I'm dumb as a box of rocks.

Well I tried, I tried and I tried,
but they were futile efforts
I tried, I tried, I won't lie.
It just wasn't worth the effort
It just came down
to a conflict of beliefs.

She said medicine won't raise the dead
and I said magic is a myth.

Its a bag of cats vs a box of rocks
(She said medicine won't raise the dead
and I said magic is myth)


released April 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Failed Astronauts Akron, Ohio

We like to drink beer and play madden.

We also play music .

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